Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment ceremonies are for couples who prefer this ceremony to marriage, and for ‘same-sex’ couples who wish to express their love and commitment to one another. A commitment ceremonies is ideal for couples who want to celebrate their union to each other, without the traditions of marriage, and to acknowledge their love for each other in front of family and friends. Your commitment ceremony should reflect you and your partners life and your personalities.  It’s about what you would like, family and friends, readings, exchanging of vows, poems, songs, music, the style and format are yours to make the ceremony your own.  I can assist with sample commitment ceremonies, readings, poems, music, etc.

Cassandra & Kristina’s beautiful Commitment Ceremony at Macarthur Gardens in Camden, Surrounded by Family and Friends the afternoon was perfect.   Commitment Ceremonies can be designed with you in mind, the celebration of your commitment to each other, delivered in a beautiful ceremony for family and friends to cherish……..


Commitment Ceremony Price List

What is included
At present there are no legal requirements or obligations, in saying that I conduct all Commitment Ceremonies as I would a Wedding Ceremony submitted to the correct authorities, a  PA system, Signing Table and 2 chairs. Travel to and from the venue up to 50km distance. Arrival 45 minutes prior to ceremony, for set up and to calm the groom’s nerves.  The ceremony is totally in you control, being that you can have whatever elements you choose and length of ceremony you choose.  I have lots of ceremonies, wordings, poems, readings, etc that you can choose from, mix n match, or write your own vow’s.  My PA system takes CD’s & iPod etc, and you can have any music which you like, if I don’t have it, I can get it for you to use on the day, I also have music, whilst you guests are being seated, to add some ambience.  On the day, you sign a Commitment Certificate.   Also included is the opportunity to have a rehearsal prior to the ceremony.
Total Package    $700.00


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